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The Meditations | Book Review

The Meditations | Marcus Aurelius

Awards : None

Meditations is a nonfiction collection of the personal thoughts of stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Written to himself, Marcus Aurelius address the Nature of life, the Self Directing Mind, reason, how he ought to engage with mankind, what it means to live properly in the world, pain, pleasure, and most importantly, death itself.

Pages: 129

Rating : NA

Quote Worth Remembering :

Mortal, you have been a citizen in this great city, what matter to you whether for five years or fifty, for what is in accord with the law is equal for all. What then is there to fear if you are sent away from the city not by a dictator or an unjust judge, but by the same nature which brought you to it, as if the magistrate who had chosen a comic actor were to dismiss him. “But I have not played the five acts, but only three.”

“You have played well, but in your life at any rate the three acts are the whole play.” For he sets the limit who was at one time the cause of your creation, and is now the cause of your dissolution. You have no responsibility for either. So depart graciously, for he who dismisses you is also gracious.


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