September Wrap Up 2020

Purple Asters What Happened Went to the gym every week Finished reworking my novel's outline Created a newsletter for people interested in my book of Fairy Tales Increased my running speed by almost a minute Got distracted by an entirely unrelated writing side project (which may or may not be fanfiction) Attending several different Catholic… Continue reading September Wrap Up 2020


How To Write When Suffering Kills Your Creativity

Beginning in March, my life became a long string of upheaval, including a global pandemic, a personal spiritual crisis, and a family death. I couldn’t write—nor did I want to, which deeply troubled me.  Writers don’t live in a vacuum. We create within the context of the everyday, and happenings in our own homes, as well as… Continue reading How To Write When Suffering Kills Your Creativity


3 Confessions of an Unpublished Writer quality=86 s=3   2020 has kicked my butt (sorry, Mom). The biggest thing I've learned about myself this year is that fear invades my entire life.  It's kind of annoying, and it's killing my writing. Confession #1 : Fear Drives a lot Most of My Decisions as a Writer.  Fear driven decisions are a… Continue reading 3 Confessions of an Unpublished Writer

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The Biggest Lie We Believe About Strong Female Characters

Strong women, as they’re portrayed in a lot of fiction and films, have a problem. They act like men (albeit hot men with curvy bodies and perfect hair, teeth, and nails). This bothers me, and it should bother you too, because we’re being fed a lie. Male and female perspectives each possess great worth, and… Continue reading The Biggest Lie We Believe About Strong Female Characters


June Wrapup

What Happened Planted a backyard garden Everyone forgot Covid-19 Watched the world go mad Cleaned 14 empty suitcases out of my basement Custom Harry Potter dust jackets from Nerdy Ink (finally) arrived Cleaned behind my washer and dryer (after 7 years of neglect) Discovered I can draw What I Read Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims … Continue reading June Wrapup