Inktober | Day 23

Day 23 : ANCIENT He was the army's ancient, its flag bearer, the symbol of his country as they stared down death. But death didn't care about countries. It found them all. "It's time." He shivered. The hooded figure pulled out his curved sword. "Don't be afraid." The soldier set his face and nodded. read… Continue reading Inktober | Day 23


Inktober | Day 22

Day 22: GHOST Her vision shimmered, a ghost of an image hovering over him. It never changed. She focused her magic, trying to blink. It lingered a moment, two, three— Blink. She unclenched her fingers. He frowned, watching her. "You're never going to tell me what you see, are you?" "No." She couldn't. continue the… Continue reading Inktober | Day 22