A Poem For Today

Today Today is a gray kind of day. A let's wear jammies and not talk kind of day. A coffee for breakfast day. And one great cloud is scrolled over the sun Not caring.


February Wrap Up

What Happened Finally wrote down all my passwords Bought next year's school curriculum  Enjoyed the three-five days when the sun was shining Started cleaning my basement Binge watched Bullet Journal YouTube videos Revisited the GTD system for organization Prepped for Story Ember's Authentic Character Summit  What I Read The Return of the King  |  J.… Continue reading February Wrap Up

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5 Practical Exercises For the Creative Writer

After you’ve written a paragraph, have you ever stopped to squint at the words, wondering if you’ve chosen the right ones to convey the mood you intended? Did you manage to craft a distinct voice for your viewpoint character, or does the narrative sound too much like you? Are your commas placed correctly? All the… Continue reading 5 Practical Exercises For the Creative Writer

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3 Tips For Moms Who Want to Read Hard Books

Moms, have you ever wanted to read a Great Book? Classics are the foundational texts of Western Civilization. Why should we leave them behind in college? Recently, I wanted agreed to read Paradise Lost with a friend on Facebook. But my schedule, three kids, a house, friends, and life reminded me why I've read so few of… Continue reading 3 Tips For Moms Who Want to Read Hard Books


The Life Changing Magic of Brainstorming

A new story is hard to write. And generating ideas to fill it is even harder. When you’re staring at a blank page, Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes might haunt you: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” With so many great… Continue reading The Life Changing Magic of Brainstorming