June Wrapup

What Happened Planted a backyard garden Everyone forgot Covid-19 Watched the world go mad Cleaned 14 empty suitcases out of my basement Custom Harry Potter dust jackets from Nerdy Ink (finally) arrived Cleaned behind my washer and dryer (after 7 years of neglect) Discovered I can draw What I Read Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims … Continue reading June Wrapup


Seven Thoughts for Independence Day

America is kind of a miracle. Seriously, England should have beaten us to death. But here we are. American history is filled with both bad and good things. In spite of her flaws, I actually still love America, and I'm thankful to live here. I love George Washington. I will never be ashamed of this… Continue reading Seven Thoughts for Independence Day


I’ve Been Tagged | The Mysterious Blogger Award

I was tagged by one of my blogger friends, Project Pursue Wisdom, to participate in the Mysterious Blogger Award (created by Okoto Enigma) She's (Project Pursue Wisdom) a thoughtful and kind internet friend. Give her site a visit. I'm not sure what I've won, but I'm excited to participate nonetheless. To start, I'll be answering… Continue reading I’ve Been Tagged | The Mysterious Blogger Award

Book Review

A Time to Die | Book Review

A Time to Die  |  Nadine Brandes Awards : None Parvin Blackwater lives every moment knowing exactly when she's going to die. Everyone does. Everyone except Radicals without a Clock, that is. Parvin's Clock has one year left, but there's a problem. She's been illegally sharing her Clock with her twin brother, Reid. They don't know… Continue reading A Time to Die | Book Review

Essays · Repost

Why Children Matter In Fiction

I’ve noticed a vacuum developing in fiction. Popular novels, particularly fantasy and young adult, tend to exclude child characters. And if children do play a role, they’re caricatures of how small people actually behave. For most of human history, people didn’t live in segregated groups but in communities that put all ages within the same… Continue reading Why Children Matter In Fiction