Rose Sheffler is a Kentucky native who began her writing career in the seventh grade by hijacking a simple assignment into an elaborate creative piece. Her teacher reprimanded her for not following the instructions and said, “You should be a writer.” She studied Engligh Literature in college, with a focus in creative writing, and returned to teach seventh grade English at the same private school. Her favorite genres are fantasy, historical fiction, and fairytales.

A longstanding Anglophile, she adores clocks, Saint George, Sherlock Holmes, Yorkshire tea (with milk), and almost everything written by the British since Beowulf. She is a fantastic cook and hates to exercise, but does it anyway. Though convinced that naps are a superpower, she often forgoes the nap to write.

Rose is a firm believer in the power of literature to inform and influence the human soul, and hopes her writing finds its way to the right readers. Some of her favorite books are Persuasion, Till We Have Faces, Jane of Lantern Hill, and Beauty and the Beast.

In 2019 she completed a manuscript of new fairy tales and is working to have them traditionally published. Until then, she schools her three kids, enjoys her philosopher husband, talks to herself, updates her blog, reads too many kids books, considers the brevity of life in the face of eternity, takes bookish photographs for Instagram, and is a staff writer for Story Embers.