“Let’s see what we can find, Mrs. Smith”

Long before I was born, great people were reading great books to their kids. I don’t pretend to even scratch the surface of excellence that’s out there waiting to be found.

Here are a few resources that basically make this website unnecessary. They have been my bread and butter when it comes to a really great read. These books have lists of excellent reads for all ages from infancy to Late teens. Enjoy!

ps. I’ve linked each title to it’s page. I receive no support from amazon. These books are also widely available at public libraries.

The Read Aloud Handbook  |  Jim Trelease

Jim Trelease began as a dad reading aloud to his kids. And he discovered that the more you read to children, the better chances they have to succeed. I put this book in my list first because I truly believe that a little time invested in reading aloud to your child will return one hundred fold. If you hate reading aloud, books on CD are a great alternative.

Books Children Love: A Guide to the Best Children’s Literature  |  Elizabeth Wilson

This is an old book that my mother gave me and I include it for the broad range of topics it covers, including history, art, poetry, science, fiction and more. Elizabeth Wilson has a particularly conservative Christian worldview, but her work is thorough and broad.

Honey for a Child’s Heart  |  Gladys Hunt

Gladys Hunt is a gold mine. Her carefully crafted book brings to life the benefits, the beauty, and the scope of reading to and with children. She emphasizes the true importance of sharing books with each other as a way to not only connect with the world around you, but as a way to deeply connect to each other.

Honey for a Teen’s Heart  |  Gladys Hunt and Barbara Hampton

Teaming with a friend, and young adult literature fan Barbara Hampton, Gladys Hunt composed a companion to her previous book, Honey for a Child’s Heart.  In this latest addition, Hunt and Hampton deluge readers with hundreds of titles for teens, ages 11-18.

The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction  |  Alan Jacobs

This short book is richly packed with observations for all people who want to read and reclaim it as an enjoyable activity. No more “reading because you should.” Reading can be, and should be fun. Alan Jacobs gives his reasons for why he never gives recommended reading lists, and also gives his permission to readers to not finish that book you can’t stand.