Writing Projects

once upon a time

Primary Project

My primary project is a collection of completely new fairy tales for children, in the vein of Anderson, Grimm, and Perrault.

As a lover of fairy tales, I want to create a new cache of stories for the next generation, while still echoing the rich tradition of myths and folk stories that have colored history since people began telling stories.

I finished the manuscript in August 2019 and am in the throes of editing, beta reading, and looking for a literary agent. I am researching indie publishing—just in case.


I am writing the first draft of my WIP which is a YA fantasy novel.

An apprentice ambassador is offered the opportunity to become the first female ambassador to the Barbarian Nation and study the magical talent her family has forbidden—but the old gods seem to have other plans. Fate throws the delinquent son of a Merchant Lord into her path and he quickly becomes the epicenter of mysterious event that are spiraling the country into open war.