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The Meditations | Book Review

The Meditations | Marcus Aurelius Awards : None Meditations is a nonfiction collection of the personal thoughts of stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Written to himself, Marcus Aurelius address the Nature of life, the Self Directing Mind, reason, how he ought to engage with mankind, what it means to live properly in the… Continue reading The Meditations | Book Review

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A Time to Die | Book Review

A Time to Die  |  Nadine Brandes Awards : None Parvin Blackwater lives every moment knowing exactly when she's going to die. Everyone does. Everyone except Radicals without a Clock, that is. Parvin's Clock has one year left, but there's a problem. She's been illegally sharing her Clock with her twin brother, Reid. They don't know… Continue reading A Time to Die | Book Review

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The Lightning Thief | Book Review

The Lightning Thief  |  Rick Riordan Awards: None Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson thought getting kicked out of school was bad luck, and he's used to bad luck. But when his math teacher turns into a monster, and his Latin teacher helps save his life, things start to change. Percy discovers he is a half-blood—the son of… Continue reading The Lightning Thief | Book Review

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Number the Stars | Book Review

Number the Stars  |  Lois Lowry Awards: Newbery Medal Three years ago, the Nazi's invaded the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, but Annemarie Johansen can still remember a time before their suspicious questioning, a time before their guns and shiny boots on every street corners, a time when cupcakes with pink frosting could still be eaten,… Continue reading Number the Stars | Book Review

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Gathering Blue | Book Review

Gathering Blue  |  Lois Lowry Awards: None Kira was never supposed to survive. In her village, deformities and weakness mean certain death, and such people are cast out, abandoned to the Field where the beasts come. But Kira is strong. This is what her mother tells her and it is true. Kira, with her twisted… Continue reading Gathering Blue | Book Review