January 2022 Wrap Up

What Happened

  1. Packed away Christmas
  2. Nearly froze my feet off (in my own home)
  3. Regretted donating my very old (but warm) slippers before winter was over
  4. Enjoyed SNOWY a walk with the Shefflings
  5. Stole Borrowed my husband’s wool sweater
  6. Started reading Harry Potter to my youngest

What I Read

  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone | J. K. Rowling (illustrated by Jim Kay | ◊◊◊


  1. I need it to be Christmas again
  2. Snow makes the cold bearable and beautiful
  3. Why don’t I own a more feminine wool sweater?
  4. J. K. Rowling is a queen. Her writing blows me away
  5. Also, can we just have all the rest of the illustrated HP books now, Jim?
  6. Guys, I have make up again, and I LOVE IT

Goals for February

  1. Live simply and slowly
  2. Don’t turn into an angry hibernating bear


One thought on “January 2022 Wrap Up

  1. Don’t turn into an angry hibernating bear… that’s something I’ll need to tell my sister XD (not the angry part, but more of the ‘hibernating’ part) 🙂


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