A Pilgrim’s Progress : Starting the Path to Self-Education

What will it take to start, and stay, on the path of self education?


To Read or Not to Read? Revisited

We've all heard the worn out phrase "Life is short." As humans, we don't like to really take time to think about life long enough to evaluate the truth of that statement. Nobody likes to think about it. I've become more aware of life's brevity as I hurtle towards my thirtieth birthday. Anyone older than… Continue reading To Read or Not to Read? Revisited

Book Review · Newbery Award

Book Review : Number the Stars

Number the Stars  |  Lois Lowry Awards: Newbery Medal Three years ago, the Nazi's invaded the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, but Annemarie Johansen can still remember a time before their suspicious questioning, a time before their guns and shiny boots on every street corners, a time when cupcakes with pink frosting could still be eaten,… Continue reading Book Review : Number the Stars