September Wrap Up 2020

Purple Asters

What Happened

  1. Went to the gym every week
  2. Finished reworking my novel’s outline
  3. Created a newsletter for people interested in my book of Fairy Tales
  4. Increased my running speed by almost a minute
  5. Got distracted by an entirely unrelated writing side project (which may or may not be fanfiction)
  6. Attending several different Catholic churches
  7. My sister moved

What I Read

  1. The Healer’s Apprentice  |  Emily Dickerson  |  ◊◊
  2. A Temporary Boyfriend  |  Summer Dowell  |  ◊◊


  1. I actually don’t hate lifting weights as much as I thought I did
  2. I still hate don’t like the gym
  3. Why did I only read two books?
  4. Why did I read two really terrible books?
  5. I like skinny Dan
  6. F A L L  Y’ A L L
  7. I miss my best friend

Goals for October

  1. Get back to writing something I’ll actually publish
  2. Read something worth my time
  3. Finish and polish my book proposal 

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