January Wrap Up


What Happened

  1. Started a new Bullet Journal
  2. Decided to attempt Paradise Lost
  3. Remembered taxes
  4. Set up an writing desk in my bedroom (!!)
  5. Organized my closet in a way that makes sense
  6. Realized ankle socks are actually the best kind of sock

What I Read

  1. Cinderella | Kinuko Y. Craft (illustrator) |
  2. Sleeping Beauty | Mahlon F. Craft |
  3. Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More | Karen Swallow Prior | ◊
  4.  Victory in the Unseen Warfare | Jack N. Sparks (Adapter) |
  5.  House of Dreams: The Life of L.M. Montgomery | Liz Rosenberg |
  6. The Gospel According to Saint Matthew |
  7. Noah Webster: Man of Many Words | Catherine Reef |


  1. Real winter requires snow and sunshine
  2. Bullet Journals are where it’s at
  3. Writing by hand is a gamechanger
  4. Beeswax candles add value to life
  5. Coffee is for mornings, tea is for afternoons
  6. It’s hard to balance reading with writing
  7. My childhood literary heroes so often had heartbreaking lives

Goals for February

  1. Read deliberately
  2. Get all the tax things together… seriously
  3. Track spending for February and rework budget
  4. Write more letters instead of texting
  5. Type up completed sections of my novel
  6. Finish ¼ of my novel’s first draft




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