Nerd Problem #4: Star Wars

“It’s finished.  It’s done.  It’s over … until it’s not.”

Star Wars was my first experience in an immersive story world. I emerged with Han Solo as my all time favorite movie character, and a fascination for the realistic behemoth of a universe George Lucas created.

And then Star Wars started to self destruct with Episodes I, II, III.  We all lived through it, joking over which character was the most disliked—Jar Jar Binks…Anakin Skywalker…Padme. It’s a toss up.

They can’t compare to Han Solo.

So the world moved on and Star Wars seemed to move on too.

And then Episodes VII, VIII, and IX  hammered the final nails in it’s coffin (don’t even ask me to consider Solo as part of this discussion.I primarily blamed Lucas and Disney but accepted it’s eventual demise. I watched The Force Awakens for the sake of Han Solo alone. After that (and a surprisingly refreshing interlude by Rogue One), I was done.

Star Wars was dead.

Enter The Mandalorian, stage left, with Baby Yoda.


Star Wars won’t leave me alone and I’m currently okay with it. The Mandalorian is that good.

The only thing that would make it better is Han Solo.



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4 thoughts on “Nerd Problem #4: Star Wars

  1. I completely agree with you about Star Wars it seems, and now I am wondering if I need to watch the Mandalorian… It didn’t look that interesting to me, and after what Star Wars has been doing recently, I wasn’t expecting anything good to come of it. But I loved Rogue One, and the original Star Wars movies. You think it’s worth it?
    (I would never ask you to consider Solo as part of the discussion. 😉 )

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