Book Review

Book Review : The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief  |  Rick Riordan

Awards: None

Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson thought getting kicked out of school was bad luck, and thhe’s used to bad luck. But when his math teacher turns into a monster, and his Latin teacher helps save his life, things start to change. Percy discovers he is a half-blood—the son of an ancient Greek god. Accused of stealing the master lightning bolt of Zeus himself, Percy now has ten days to return the powerful weapon before war breaks out on Mount Olympus. Armed with a sword, a magical hat, flying shoes, and an oracle warning of betrayal, Percy and his friends battle against ancient monsters on a quest torn out of the pages of the past.

Pages: 377

Rating: PG

Children born out of wedlock. Vivid depiction of monsters. Mild violence. Hint at domestic abuse.

My Thoughts:

This was a case of watching the movie before reading the book—a grievous literary sin. In my defense, I watched the movie when it came out (in 2010), and it’s cute. This book is also cute—with a catch. There’s a lot here kids will love. There’re also a lot of adult themes lying right under the surface.

The infidelity and promiscuity of the Greek gods is infamous. You can’t have a novel about those gods without it. Mr. Riordan does a fair job alluding to that legacy without going into too much detail. That being said, I wouldn’t hand this book to any child under the age of eight or nine without serious thought. The jury is still out on whether my son (8) will read these this year. I’m certain he will love them if he does read them.

I always read books before my kids, but, I can’t decide if I want to read to the end of this series. There are four more books, and a few companion series. If I do read the sequels, I’ll definitely review them on the blog.


ps. This series is five books long and continues with The Sea of Monsters.


2 thoughts on “Book Review : The Lightning Thief

  1. I really enjoyed The Lightning Thief when I read it several years ago, and I liked The Sea of Monster as well, but overall I was disappointed by the rest of the series. I was also disappointed by the follow up series, Heroes of Olympus, though I liked many of the characters. The author had a compelling concept, but it can only go so far before it starts to get tired and fall apart.

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  2. I did end up reading Book 2 “Sea of Monsters” and skimming Book 3. I was so bored by the end, I stopped there. I think these books are a great example of formula books, which I’m not against. Nancy Drew, The Animorphes, Goosbumps, etc. all fall under “formula” books. I just didn’t like these. Thanks for reading!


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