Inktober, Writer Edition

Inktober 2019 : RING

Day 1 : RING

It always began this way. The grunts and the curses of the miners fell into a roar and ring in his ears. He stumbled.

“Get along,” the overseer shoved him.

Sounds returned one by one; hammers on rock, cart wheels, shuffling feet. Time moved on. But he still heard death approaching.

continue the series with Day 2


What is Inktober?

Artist Jake Parker started the Inktober challenge to help artists improve their skills using daily prompts throughout the month of October.* Writers are artists too and we hacked Parker’s challenge.

Our art is story. The challenge is a piece of fiction in fifty words.

Challenge accepted.

I will post my contributions to Inktober 2019 Writer Edition on the blog and on my Instagram.  Will you join us?



image from : http://www.fromoldbooks.org

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