Courage to Continue


This blog began two years ago with a very lofty purpose—to help build an internet platform for myself as an unpublished author. My last post was published more than a year ago.

What happened?

I happened.

Pride often lurks behind a mask of fear. Fear makes you fail without even trying—or, at least, not trying very hard. Writers who want to be published have to work hard. I discovered that I am afraid of hard work. I am afraid of failure. So I stopped writing and did other things. The number of “other things” is near infinite. I was too proud to fail, too afraid to really try.

So what now?

I recently quit my job and have begun to write as my job. I have accountability and a dose of hard cold facts. If I want to be a writer I must write. If I believe my calling is life is to write I must work hard and write more.

To succeed, I must have the humility to fail and the courage to continue.



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