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Book Review: Cheaper by the Dozen

Cheaper by the Dozen | Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey


Awards: None

Not many people think that having twelve children, on purpose, is a good idea. But that’s exactly what Frank B. Gilbreth and his wife Lilly Moller Gilbreth set out to do. And whatever these two remarkable people do, it’s sure to be fun. With clever and humorous prose, two of the Gilbreth children (Frank Jr. and Ernestine) chart the adventures of the Gilbreth family. Amidst the funny stories and anecdotes they address their parents’ unique educational methods, personalities, career accomplishments, as well as everyday life. Curious about how twelve children stay on a schedule? Look no further. The reader gets to enjoy all the laughter and mayhem that parenting twelve children produces, while still retaining their own sanity. This book brings back to life the history of a simple family that comes cheaper by the dozen.

Pages: 221

Rating: PG-13

Swearing. Awkward conversation about where babies come from. Main Character death.

My Thoughts:

My grandfather, on my mother’s side, gave this book as a Christmas present to my father. My grandfather was a quiet man but he had a wicked sharp sense of humor. I am one of nine children, and though not quite parents of a dozen, my father (and my mother) found much to enjoy. They snorted, laughed, and howled through this book on a car drive to Florida. Those of us who were old enough to catch most of the jokes laughed too. It was the most entertaining car trip I’ve ever been on to date. In Cheaper by the Dozen, you get to know the Gilbreth family—all twelve of them—and the remarkable people who were their parents. But the true strength of this book is the strong character of the father of the “little” clan, Frank B. Gilbreth.

It is this Dad that you are introduced to immediately and his crazy crowd of kids. It is this Dad that you wonder at, laugh at, and come to love by the end of the book. It takes a very special kind of person to head up such a large family, and I speak from experience. This books gives the memory of the remarkable Mr. Frank Gilbreth and his stalwart wife Lilly, a lasting presence in the world of stories. If you read it, be ready to laugh, and maybe even shake your head, because the Gilbreth clan is about to take over your life by storm.


ps. The sequel Bells on Their Toes, continues the saga of the Gilbreths with equal humor, wit, and, charm.


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